June 1-September 2, 2024

Pigskin's Pals

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FAQ's for the Pigskin's Pals Adventure Pass

Do I have to come to the Visit Canton Welcome Center to pick up my coupons?

Do Parents/Guardians receive the Pigskin's Pals Adventure Pass offers?

Do Pigskin's Pals need to present Coupons to receive the special promotion?

Can I drop my children off at an attraction?

Is there a limit on the number of children per pass?

Are we able to use our deal as many times as we want at an attraction?

If we can’t visit during the times that special offers are valid, can we get a coupon to use later?

Do other people need to sign up for their own Adventure Pass or can we all use mine?

I am not able to check in at a location, by GPS validation. How can I get credit for this visit?

How do I earn points?

How do I redeem prizes with my points?

When do my points expire?

How do I get my prize?

What if I am having technical issues with my pass?

Are adults with intellectual developmental disabilities allowed to check-in and redeem special offers at attractions and for prizes?