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***The Canton Museum of Art is Temporarily Closed***

  • CMA will be temporarily closed to the public beginning Saturday, March 14. The Museum will be
    undergoing installation of new exhibitions and routine behind-the-scenes operations. New exhibitions including “Reflections: The Artistic Spirit of Merv Corning” are anticipated to open April 28.
  • The Stark County High School Art Exhibition scheduled for March 24 – April 5 has been
    cancelled. We appreciate all of the hard work from our talented students, and hope that we will be able to see many of their pieces in 2021.
  • First Friday April 3 at the Museum has been cancelled.
  • Spring classes and workshops for children and adults in the CMA School of Art are temporarily
    suspended through April 12.

Explore and Enjoy More at the Canton Museum of Art (CMA) — Ohio’s premier location for an exceptional visual arts experience! The Canton Museum of Art is recognized for powerful national touring exhibits and dynamic original exhibits featuring prominent artists and the Museum's unrivaled Permanent Collection of American watercolors and contemporary ceramics. CMA also connects schools and various community groups through innovative education outreach programs for inspired learning through the visual arts. CMA offers In-Museum studio art classes for all age groups in diverse mediums such as ceramics and painting. Enjoy special arts events throughout the year, including "First Stop First Friday" (a Canton arts district celebration held the first Friday of every month) and the widely popular Christkindl Markt, one of the Northeast Ohio region’s top holiday markets for fine arts and fine crafts. From concerts and lectures to workshops and more — there is always something new to Explore & Enjoy More at CMA! Learn more about upcoming exhibits and special events, show your support by becoming a member and enjoy special benefits, browse current and past exhibits online — all at And be sure to stay connected via our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube networks!

Upcoming Exhibits:

Creative Roots: Celebrating Ohio from the CMA Collection | November 27, 2019-April 5, 2020

Ohio - our home, our source of pride. The creativity and artistic talent in our state is enviable. In Creative Roots, we showcase this talent by displaying the finest Ohio artists from our Permanent Collection. Artists such as Clyde Singer, Alice Schille, and August Biehle Jr., among others, rooted themselves in Ohio and set a precedent for the artists that followed. Judy Brandon, Kristen Cliffel, Darius Steward - all Ohio artists working today who continue to build on the foundation that others started. Many of the artists have their own unique stories, such as Claude Hirst, a female artist who changed her name from Claudine to Claude in order to conceal her femininity and be taken seriously in a male-dominated art world.

In Creative Roots, you'll see that some artists depicted the home state that we all know and love, while others travelled to far-away places and brought a piece of their adventures back to Ohio for us to enjoy. Whatever their subject matter, however, their skillset knows no bounds - whether watercolor, graphite, or ceramics, these artists mastered their medium. This exhibit aims to celebrate these creative voices of Ohio.

Crowns: Crossing into Motherhood | November 27, 2019-March 8, 2020

In Crowns, the artists are creating work that reflects their experiences - physical and emotional - in relationship with their role of motherhood. We are literally crowned by our mother's hips as infants in the womb, and the role of motherhood might be described as a crowning moment for some. Motherhood causes artists to redefine who they in their lives and careers. Crowns explores the transformation of artist to artist-mother.

Artists in Crowns include Stephanie DeArmond, Carole Epp, Kathryne Fisher, Jessica Gardner, Eva Kwong, Rhonda Willers, Janis Mars Wunderlich, Summer Zickefoose, Erin Furimsky, Rose B. Simpson and Kristen Cliffel. Exhibit curated by Jessica Gardner.

Gems of Modernist Brevity: Alice Schille Watercolor Miniatures | November 27, 2019-March 8, 2020

This exhibition celebrates the 150th anniversary of Alice Schille’s (1869-1955) birth through her miniature watercolors that were produced in a variety of locations — from France and England to North Africa, Guatemala and Santa Fe, New Mexico. These tiny paintings range in style from Impressionism to Post Impressionism to Cubism. A portion of Schille’s journals, studies, and artifacts will also be on display. This exhibition is curated by Keny Galleries, and in conjunction with the Columbus Museum of Art.

Journey Through Mushikui: Works on Paper by Yuko Kimura | November 27, 2029-March 8, 2020

Yuko Kimura takes a focus on working intuitively in the present, learning from the piece through the simple act of making. Her recent work incorporates multiple experimental processes, including etching, aquatint and monotype on pleated or twisted paper using indigo colored etching ink in layers. Most of the work utilizes old worm-eaten book pages from Japan and handmade papers that are made from kozo, gampi and abaca fibers. Yuko also embeds paper threads in handmade abaca paper. Transparency, form, and texture all take priority as she constructs her two and three dimensional patchwork experiments. The notion of history and recycling are central in her body of work.

Stark County High School Art Exhibit | March 25-April 5, 2020

The Stark County High School Art Exhibition features original two- and three-dimensional works by students, created as part of their school curriculums and chosen by their school’s art instructor. Each school is limited to a total of ten entries with no more than two entries per artist. Student works are judged on the basis of both originality and technical ability. Over 100 works in various media will be on display by students from around 18 Stark County high schools.

Reflections: The Artistic Spirit of Merv Corning | April 27-July 19, 2020

This major retrospective exhibition will honor Merv Corning’s importance as an American master of art—particularly watercolor. Featuring approximately 70 - 80 of the artist’s major works, we will showcase the range of the artist’s methods and subjects, alongside stories that will bring each to life. It includes watercolors, oils, and illustrations, everything from his majestic countrysides to the WWI aviation studies to his NFL works, and even unfinished works that tell stories through their starts and stops. And it will include a re-creation of Merv’s studio—just as it was the day he passed away. We will be showcasing not only works from our collection, but also the private collections and museums around the country that hold many of Merv’s most treasured pieces – including the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, Pro Football Hall of Fame, and numerous others.

Symbolic Narrative: Ceramics by Taylor | April 27-July 19, 2020

Taylor Robenalt uses human forms, flora and fauna to illustrate emotion. Her body of work features clusters of animals and flowers constructed out of porcelain with glaze, gold luster and underglaze applications. In these pieces, the animal heads appear to be bursting out of a heavy cluster of flowers. With each piece created in the series, the flower clusters become more abundant and ornate, and the animals seem to multiply as if the work itself is alive and fertile. The overall black and white color scheme and the pops of color in the pieces are all important to the work. These color motifs attempt to express all the emotions that she personally faces on a daily basis. The coloring of the entire body of work is a comment on how life can become so rigid in the midst of the fluidity of growth, death and rebirth. The bright colors of the flowers illustrate the blossoming of life and offer a contrast to the rigidity of everyday responsibility. The final touches of gold luster offer an overall sense of purity to the body of work and allude to the strong sense of achievement and pride that comes with positively facing life on a day-to-day basis. The work is a metaphor for how life is always transforming itself – constantly bringing forth a new chapter of unforeseen existence.

A Portrait of Americana: American Life from the CMA Collection | April 27-July 19, 2020

Americana art reflects the charm and nostalgia of life in America. It portrays the history, traditions, artifacts, and culture of the United States - a unique slice of the American experience. Think of rural and street life, farms and factories, and the workers and families of America's history. Think also of football, fair rides, celebrity icons, and the statue of liberty - serving as a beacon of hope to many who would go on to shape American culture. Sometimes Americana art criticizes American culture, while other times it suggests a certain way of living, and a longing for those times that have past. This exhibit explores all of those themes and more, to create a portrait of American life. On display will be work by artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Moses Pearl, Dean Mitchell, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Robert Vickrey, to name a few, all of which come from our permanent collection.

Patient Work: Watercolors by J.D. Titzel | April 27-July 19, 2020

J.D. Titzel is a retired pilot who flew thousands of hours as captain on large three and four engine jets before retiring to paint full time for the past thirty years. During his career as a pilot, he was paired in crews of 3 and retirement left him alone with his painting for 10 hours a day. It took patience to adapt to the contrast in careers and his watercolor paintings are evidence to the result of his patience.

When he paints in watercolor, Titzel builds color slowly in very thin layers of paint. Some areas are 2-3 layers while others are attained in 10 or more layers. This gives the painting more depth than can be achieved by a single color. The average painting takes seventy hours to complete. However, he has taken close to 300 hours to complete a single painting.

ReTooled: Highlights from the Hechinger Collection | August 24-October 25, 2020

ReTooled: Highlights from the Hechinger Collection is an engaging and thought-provoking look at the unexpected subject of tools, through more than 40 inspiring paintings, sculptures, works on paper and photographs. The exhibition consists of four sections that dynamically frame the themes of this collection into accessible categories: Objects of Beauty; Material Illusions; Instruments of Satire; and Tools: An Extension of Self.

Eye of the Beholder: Handcarved Canes and Walking Sticks by Frederick "Derby" Shortridge | August 24-October 25, 2020

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Frederick Shortridge began creating art at a young age, drawing on his grandmother's porch.
Shortridge was inspired to begin woodcarving began on a trip to San Francisco when he saw a man sculpting three galloping horses from driftwood on the beach. When he returned home, he found a discarded oak branch in the park and started his work connecting with the spirit of the wood and bringing his vision to life. His process of woodcarving begins with a sketch, then carving the outline and finally finishing with paint and varnish creating depth and detail in each walking stick and cane he creates.

Continued Continuing: Paintings by Amy Casey | August 24-October 25, 2020

Northeast Ohio and Cleveland have produced a remarkable tradition of achievement in the arts over the years. The Canton Museum of Art concentrates on American Art; we also highlight artists from Northeast Ohio in our galleries. We were pleased to be a part of the CAN Triennial and to review the fine works that have appeared in Cleveland. When we saw Amy Casey’s work, we knew that she would be a great fit at our museum. Amy’s work has a unique voice; it is as if a part of Amy has been infused into each piece that she creates. A story tumbles out of each building, house, and vine, and causes you to ponder its meaning. The Canton Museum of Art is pleased to share Amy Casey’s work with its community, and to support a local artist.

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