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How I Entertained Two Pre-Teen Sisters This Summer

July 26, 2017- The weather is warm and my little sisters are whining they are already bored this summer! Being the daughter of two working parents, on days I am not working, I decided I would take my eleven and fourteen year old sisters out and about in Stark County to explore. From visiting the bust gallery at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and enjoying fair food summer festivals, our summer has been busy! Find out how we have spent our summer days below!

Hot days, no school, and kids who want to being doing something 24/7 during the summer. As one of the eldest daughters of two working parents I tend to be in charge of my younger siblings entertainment during the day. It is my duty to ensure they have a fun filled summer and learn at the same time. Emma is fourteen and Reagan is eleven so sometimes it’s hard to find something we can all agree on. While they may only be three years apart, those three years are crucial years! They both have similar personalities, they are girly girls and love to shop, be outside, but tend to have their phones stuck to them at all times. One is in her mid-teens going into high school and the other is just getting out of elementary school so they have different views on what they think is fun. This was a task I was willing to take on! Each week during the summer I would choose one day that would be dedicated to doing something here in Stark County… but the trick was I was on a budget so the activities had to be a max of ten dollars per person.

The first week of exploring, I made one exception to the cost rule and planned out our trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There had been so many new attractions added since we were last there that we had to go back and see it all. Reagan enjoyed the interactive areas and the Xbox playing area the most, while Emma and I were fascinated by the "A Game for Life" holographic theater and the Busts Gallery.

The following week we took a trip out to Alliance and visited the Beech Creek Botanical Gardens, primarily to see the butterflies. Emma was absolutely infatuated with the butterflies and refused to leave when it was time to go. Reagan loved all the learning concepts and loved looking for all the turtles in the turtle pond. I personally loved seeing all the baby caterpillars and searching for them on the tress.

Our third week of summer, we took a trip to downtown Canton to visit the Italian American Festival and to get some delicious food. My sisters and I love food truck food. It is something we look forward to every summer. We had some amazing strombolis and french fries for lunch. To end it all we had some amazing desserts! There was fun music to dance to and we got to visit with some family friends we had not seen in a while. Once again, the festival was amazing this year.

The adventures continued as we found ourselves at the North Canton Skate & Entertainment Center. They have so many activities to do for all age groups. They have skating, laser tag, bumper cars, arcade games, and more. Emma, the fourteen-year-old, had never gone skating before so her favorite experience was learning to skate. She did an awesome job. While Reagan, loved to play the arcade games and win lots of tickets for a fun prize. I haven’t been skating in 10 years so this was definitely an experience for me.

During week five we visited the Jackson Township Community Celebration. There were so many activities to enjoy. Rides for all ages, games, food, booths filled with information about local businesses. The Jackson Community park is such a great place to enjoy the outdoors. They offer baseball, softball, and soccer fields. They have a fun play ground to enjoy that includes swings, slides, and monkey bars. While at the Community Celebration we enjoyed fun rides while eating delicious fair food. We had eaten everything from pizza and fries to deep fried Oreos. This is a fun event that really makes the community come together as one and really support each other.

While life does get in the way we had to take one or two weeks off of visiting places, but we have so much more planned for this summer. We have plans to visit The Canton Classic Car Museum, the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, Hartville KitchenHartville Marketplace & Flea Market, and so many more. We do plan to attend some of the events for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls. We plan to take a nice relaxing day out to Clay’s Park to cool off. Clay’s Park has a lot to offer, they have water slides, zip lines, canoes and kayaks, kid’s swimming area, miniature golf, volleyball and basketball courts and so much more. We have so much more planned and yet so little summer left. School is right around the corner so it looks like us girls will be very busy these next few weeks!

Bayley Porter


Bayley Porter is a summer intern for Visit Canton. She is studying Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning, along with Marketing at Bowling Green State University. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and going to local events. Bayley loves to go out and find new and exciting places to visit. 

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