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Birding 101 in Stark County

July 7, 2017-There has never been a more exciting and fun time then now to go birding. With the development of modern technologies to help track and find new birds, it has become easier than ever to find new life birds. Stark County is host to many wonderful natural areas if you’re a birder or just enjoy being out in nature.

The following is a list of 5 popular and interesting area to go birding in Stark County but are not inclusive by any means. Enjoy the natural beauty that Canton, Ohio and Stark County hold.

1. Stark Parks Sippo Lake Park Exploration Gateway, Marina and Wildlife Center | Located in Canton, the park contains a wide variety of natural habitats. Sippo Lake allows for numerous waterfowl to rest during spring and fall migration. Various walking trails allow access to the other areas surrounding the park which include dense vegetation and wetlands. With 300 acres to explore and enjoy, this park is one of our favorites.

2. Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center Located in Alliance, the park contains various walking trails which range from intermediate to easy. The Nature Center has a great indoor birding area for those frigid winter days. It also hosts a variety natural habitats to attract various species year-round and during migration. The Nature Center has approximately 3 miles of trails and is open dawn to dusk all year.

3. The Wilderness Center | Located in Wilmot. The Wilderness Center is a wonderful area with multiple hiking trails and natural habitats. The Center also houses an indoor area for viewing birds. The Wilderness Center has approximately 650 acres of various habitats to explore.

4. Deer Creek Reservoir and Berlin Lake |  The area is arguably the best area in stark county for migrating water fowl and shorebirds. Deer Creek Reservoir is maintained full during the year and allows migrating waterfowl a stopover. Berlin Lake is drained in the fall and allow migrating shorebirds a spectacular area to rest. The area consists of a 334-acre reservoir among nearly 1000 acres of forest.

5. Hoover Park Connector Trail | Located in North Canton. Open Sunrise to Sunset the park consists of miles of maintained trail through a variety of natural habitats. 

Birding Etiquette

1. Be courteous, birds are found by ear as much as sight. Keep noise to a minimum when birding in a group and while others are birding nearby.
2. Respect the birds by keeping a comfortable distance for the bird.
3. Minimize the use of bird calls in the field, particularly during breeding seasons.
4. Respect the law and the rights of others.

For more reference click HERE.  

Tips for Beginner Birders

1. Invest in a good set of binoculars.
2. Get a good field guide – either digital or hard copy for referencing to identify birds and their behaviors.  
3. Join a local birding club – such as a local Audubon chapter.
4. Start simple, learn birds in your own backyard and at your feeders.
5. Keep a life list using citizen science websites such as

Scott and Linda Watkins


Scott and Linda Watkins are avid birders and residents of Stark County. They share a passion for birds and nature and have been birding seriously for more than 6 years. They are volunteers with the Stark County Park District, Linda is an employee at the Stark County Park District Wildlife Conservation Center. Both are active members of the Canton Audubon Society. 

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