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State Dinner with President McKinley to Be Held February 16th

You are cordially invited to the State Dinner to be held the 16th of February in the year 2017, beginning at the top of the 18th hour, at the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum hosted by the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley.

Guests will be transported back in time, to the years of President McKinley’s Presidential term on Thursday, February 16th beginning at 6PM at the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum. The event will feature a cocktail hour, complete with a "meet and greet" with President McKinley, a catered dinner in the museum's Keller Gallery, and remarks from President McKinley based on authentic historical speeches.Presidentmckinleystatedinner

Those attending will also have the opportunity to get an exclusive peek at two of Ida McKinley's recently conserved dresses. Formal attire is encouraged but not required. Cost is $45 per person. Pre-paid reservations are required. To make a reservation, call 330.455.7043.

History Behind the State Dinner

Traditionally, State Dinner is hosted by the Head of State in his official residence in order to celebrate diplomatic ties between a foreign country or another head of government whom was issued an invitation. This tradition began in the early 19th century, as dinners honoring the President’s Cabinet, Congress, and other dignitaries-even though they lacked official foreign representation. With the United States capital at one time being a collection of isolated villages widely separated, these were rare occurrences. Times then changed in the late 19th century—as  the term became synonymous with a dinner hosted by the President honoring a foreign head of state.

During a state dinner, honor guards and color guards in full dress uniform from all branches of the United States Armed Forces are dispatched for ceremonial duty at the White House. At the North Portico entrance of the White House, the President of the United States and the First Lady of the United States formally greet the visiting head of state and his or her spouse.  A brief photo opportunity for the media at the top of the staircase will occur. The president and first lady then escort the visiting head of state and his or her spouse to the Yellow Oval Room for a reception on the residence floor where the president's guests are served hors d'œuvres, cocktails, wine, or champagne. The president and first lady also introduce their guests to a wide array of people from the United States such as ambassadors, diplomats, members of Congress, members of the president's Cabinet, and other prominent people such as celebrities and Hollywood A-list movie stars invited at the discretion of the president and first lady.

It is important to put together a guest list that receives the approval of the President and First Lady, as the State Dining Room seats around 120 people. Once all guests are seated, dinner begins, with a delicious prepared meal by the White House Staff, and every President welcomes various forms of entertainment throughout the night-depending on the dignitaries that are there.

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