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Find Free Fun at the McKinley Monument

boys in front of president william mckinley's tomb Sometimes fun doesn't have to cost a thing. Have you been to the McKinley Monument - next to the McKinley Museum/ Discover World? We're locals and my boys enjoy walking (or running) up the many steps at the McKinley Monument and then sliding down the flat sides. Some kids probably enjoy rolling down the grassy hill. This is a great way to wear your kids out  get exercise (see the video below). If your kids sleep good - so do you, right? Okay so, maybe I do have ulterior motives at times. So, while you do have to pay to go inside the McKinley Museum & Discover World to visit-  you do not have to pay to play at the McKinley Monument (and nearby Stadium Park) and you can go inside the monument (aka McKinley's mausoleum) for free. The late President McKinley, his wife, and their two young daughters' bodies are interred inside the monument. If you buy a membership to the McKinley Museum you also get the advantage of having the reciprocal science museum membership. This means you get FREE or DISCOUNTED admission to approximately 250 other science museums. Be sure to check out all the benefits of buying your next membership through McKinley by visiting If you're locals like us you may find the McKinley Museum becoming more like your second home smile .

Tracy Zdelar


Tracy is happily married to her husband of 12 years and homeschools her two sons. She shares about family life and hosts fun giveaways at her blog Hall of Fame Moms. She may or may not be guilty of overusing smiley faces on Facebook.  [:D]

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