Visit Canton offers many services in support of venues, local organizing committees, and events rights holders who attract tourists to Stark County by way of hosting athletic events.

Plan Your Event

We offer the following services for sports events:
  • Assistance in the completion of event bids
  • Coordination of Request For Proposal to hotels, banquet facilities, transportation, and other services as needed
  • Coordination of site inspections and familiarization tours of Stark County sports facilities, hotels, and other venues as needed
  • Outreach to volunteers for event assistance
  • Distribution of press releases to local and statewide radio, television and print media
  • Event promotion via CVB resources including website, e-newsletter, and social media
  • Visitor information services for participants and spectators
  • Financial sponsorships available, subject to approval based on the projected economic impact
Eligible events must take place in Stark County and bring visitors to the Stark County region.
Contact us to request personalized assistance.