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Stark11: 11 Top Breakfast Spots in Stark County

August 9, 2017- Whether you are a bacon and egg kind of breakfast person or pancakes and waffles are more your thing, here is my pick of the top 11 places to get breakfast around Stark County!

1. Twisted Citrus

This fun and energetic place has two locations where you can enjoy their delicious food. One is located in North Canton right off of North Main St. The other location is off Fulton in Jackson Township. From personal experience, this is one of my favorite places to go for an early morning breakfast or a late brunch.  Their cinnamon roll cakes are my absolute favorite. Warm soft cream pancakes filled with a cinnamon swirl topped with a cream cheese glaze. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. This is a place you will be returning to many times.

2. Cultured Coffee & Waffles

Located in the heart of downtown Canton, this fun and creative breakfast spot is where you can use your creativity to create a one of a kind waffle recipe or get one of the specialty kinds they have created. They also sell amazing coffee for the regular coffee drinker or for those who want to get a little more creative, try their specialty drinks. The Tarbender specialty is a slated caramel latte with four shots of expresso. This place is a great way to get exactly what you are craving and to fill up with some delicious food.

3. Cameo Grill

Cameo Grill is located in Massillon, OH along Erie Street.  They offer a wide variety of foods to help accommodate everyone. They have everything from French toast to omelets to everyone’s favorite, biscuits and gravy. Breakfast is served from 5:00 am- 11:30 am. Come check out this restaurant’s large array of breakfast options.

4. Samantha’s Restaurant

Samantha’s Restaurant is a well-known place around the Stark County area and continues to thrive. With two locations, one on Portage Street and the other along Market Avenue. They offer stuffed three egg omelets, breakfast sandwich and wraps, stackers, which are 2 potato cakes filled with your choice of ingredients, and anything else you can possible want to get that full, hearty breakfast meal. They also offer gluten free options. This is a place the whole family can go enjoy on any day of the week.

5. Carpe Diem Coffee Shop

One of Stark County’s favorite coffee shops is located in downtown Canton along Market Avenue. They offer a wide variety of hot coffees, iced coffees, smoothies and more. They also offer some delicious baked goods like donuts, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and other fresh pastries. Come enjoy a relaxing afternoon at everyone’s favorite coffee stop.

6. Front Porch Café

This lovely café is located near the Hartville Marketplace along West Maple. They are open Monday through Friday starting at 6am and Saturdays at 7am. Their breakfast options include quiche, waffle iron scramble, breakfast sandwiches, and more. They also have a large coffee menu that can be specialized to your liking. Front Porch Café also offers lunch and dinner options.

7. Lindsey’s

Located on Tuscarawas Street right by 77, is this locally owned restaurant that offers amazing breakfasts options. There is something for everyone to eat. They offer a variety of waffles, including bacon waffles and ham waffles. They have delicious in-house made muffins. The flavors include apple, bran, blueberry, and strawberry.

8. Deli Ohio

This cute little place is located in Downtown Canton on Walnut street and in North Canton on South Main Street. On their menu, they have different breakfast sandwiches and all are served on a southern-inspired biscuit that they make in-house from scratch. This is a must try place for a quick early more breakfast.

9. Peace, Love, and Little Donuts

With 5 different locations all over Stark County, there is no reason you should not have tried Peace, Love, and Little Donuts yet. They have locations in Green, Hartville, Canal Fulton, Massillon, and North Canton. They have three categories they put their donuts into Groovy, Far Out, and Funkadelic. Groovy donuts are your regular cinnamon sugar or powder sugar donuts. The Far-Out donuts are little donuts with just frosting. Funkadelic, which are my personal favorite, are little donuts with whatever toppings you would like. You can choose from ones they have created or you can make your own. My favorite is the cinnamon roll donut and the S’mores donut.

10. CReMa Espresso Bar and Café

This coffee shop can make whatever you are craving. When you need that morning pick me up, this is the place to go. They offer classic espresso drinks along with specialty coffee drinks as well. They also have cold brewed coffee and frozen drinks. All of the desserts that are offered are homemade and are absolutely delicious. Their fresh baked goods go great alongside their coffee drinks. They are located Hills and Dales Road in Belden Village.

11. Hazel and Rye Artisan Baking

This little hidden eatery is located in Downtown Canton on Market Avenue. Their breakfast options include an assortment of bagels, fresh pastries, and the option to build your own breakfast sandwich. For the build your own, you can get ham or bacon, any kind of cheese, and have it put on your choice or bread. They also offer fresh fruit and yogurt.

Bayley Porter


Bayley Porter is a summer intern for Visit Canton. She is studying Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning, along with Marketing at Bowling Green State University. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and going to local events. Bayley loves to go out and find new and exciting places to visit. 

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