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Personalities Merge on the Pathway at Stadium Park

I pulled into Meyers Lake YMCA, grabbed my headphones and started for the door. Midstride I stopped, spun around, and headed right back towards the car. Way too nice to be inside! Soon I was padding along the red rubberized Stadium Park trail, instantly happy with my decision as the sun hit my face and shadows of still-bare branches shifted with the breeze. [caption id="attachment_4129" align="alignright" width="300" caption="All ages and personalities merge on the path on a sunny day."]Stadium Park[/caption] I walked past the Garden Center and grinned at a sudden outburst of melodious clanging - A toddler running over the bells in the Children’s Garden. A teen in skinny black jeans zigzagged passed me on his skateboard: A reminder that they grow up way too fast. A biker in a bubble (recumbent bike with windscreen) sailed quietly down the road while a Harley-Davidson rider passed him with radio blaring. The song ended and the DJ’s booming voice implored, “I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day!” “Yes”, I thought, “we are!” I made my way around a group of gossip girls, chatty and animated, while a runner in a green Canton Marathon shirt jogged passed all of us, eyes down, focused on the finish line a few months down the road. A toddler chased ducks, moms pushed strollers, cars rolled by slowly, windows down. A woman walked her yapping dog, a young girl delighted in tossing bread to geese, and elderly couples strolled hand in hand. I had to give it to the businessman in a red sweater vest, white collared shirt and dress pants. He got in a walk with or without proper attire. His day is all the better for it. And so was mine for choosing a walk in the park instead of on the treadmill. Located near the Pro Football Hall of Fame, from Stadium Park Drive and spanning Monument Rd. to 12th Street NW, Stadium Park features a softball complex, a playground, 68 acres of nature and picnic areas, a duck pond, The Canton Garden Center and its assorted gardens, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Fountain, and the 1.5 mile rubberized Herbert L. Fisher walking track with exercise stations.

Barb Abbott


Barb Abbott is owner of Canton Food Tours, a culinary tourism business based in downtown Canton that highlights the great food, fun, and history of the Hall of Fame City and surrounding region. Barb is active in the community, currently on the Executive Board of the First Ladies National Historic Site, a member of Aultman Hospital Women’s Board, on the Central Stark County YMCA Board of Trustees, among various other boards and committees.  She resides in Canton with her husband, Mike, and son, Dominic.  Website:

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