Umbrella Alley
	Umbrella Alley

Umbrella Alley

Umbrella Alley is the newest art attraction in downtown Louisville, Ohio! In partnership with citizens, local businesses, the City of Louisville and ArtsinStark, a long-held dream has become a reality. As part of the process of rejuvenating our city’s downtown and creating an artistic and welcoming location, nearly 200 umbrellas were installed in the heart of our city. Umbrella Alley has become a destination spot and is already bringing people downtown as well as bringing people together from all over the Tri-State area. Chairs and benches line the alley so patrons can enjoy “to-go” lunches from any one of our amazing local restaurants, or they can simply enjoy gathering with loved ones. Our lead artist, renown Jeffrey Keirn, motivates the team with his artwork as he brings his inspiration and vision to Umbrella Alley to fill the brick alley walls. In fact, the artwork and the umbrellas may change at any time thus the fun of returning several times a year!

Check out how we #ownthesky in Louisville on any of our social media accounts – Facebook @Umbrella Alley, Instagram @lsvlumbrellaalley, and Twitter @lsvlumbrella. You won’t be able to resist capturing all the joy and smiles of yourself and your group; be sure to tag us when you post your amazing pictures!

Umbrella Alley is open to the public 24/7 and free to enjoy. Check out our social media accounts for temporary closures. Contact Rick Guiley with any questions at 330.495.1501 or message any one of our social media accounts.

While visiting Louisville, enjoy the new restaurants, “boutique” shopping or outside adventures at the Splash Pad and City Parks. Your visit will allow you to relive the small-town experience we all seek when traveling.

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