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Hartville Chocolate Factory is the "Sweet Spot" for Easter Basket Goodies

hartville chocolate factoryAs a busy mom, I often find myself flying through life and trying to accomplish the mountains of tasks on that day's list. Today was no exception, until I had a revelation that EASTER is a WEEK AWAY and I have not even STARTED preparing my daughter’s basket.  I could have easily popped into a big box store on my way home from work, but I have been making a conscious effort to buy local.

I decided I would spend my lunch hour with a little journey to the Hartville Chocolate Factory in historic downtown Hartville.  The short, sun-filled drive was a refreshing break and by the time I had reached Hartville, I felt like I was on a mini-vacation.  When you drive into downtown Hartville, you can’t help but smile.  The charming buildings beckon you to stroll through the shops.

popcorn bunniesThe Hartville Chocolate Factory is beyond adorable, with its large windows featuring retro displays and gingerbread trim that lines the roof. The old wooden door squeaks as you open it and it is almost like opening the door to another time, and it was full of nostalgic sights, smells and sounds that you just can’t find in most modern day shops.

I quickly picked up an old fashioned wicker shopping basket and began to explore.  The Hartville Chocolate Factory is famous for their chocolate covered Peeps, so I quickly found those and put them in my basket.  The selection of Easter inspired goodies was endless and before I knew it my basket was brimming with chocolate bunnies, crosses, suckers, peanut butter eggs, malted milk chocolate eggs and even some non-conventional Easter goodies like old fashioned rock candy, chocolatechocolate covered Peeps- covered Rice Krispie treats and gummy butterflies (my daughter’s favorite.)

I have to admit I may have gone a bit overboard, and I am pretty sure the delectable aromas that swirl through that place have something to do with it. I had lost track of the amount I had spent in my chocolate induced frenzy and I was a tad nervous when I went to the register. The cashier rang me up and said that will be $20.43... I thought she was kidding.  I had a MASSIVE amount of homemade and completely adorable Easter candy and my bill was $20.  Who said shopping local was more expensive?

In closing, my impromptu lunch hour vacation taught me three valuable lessons, Hartville Chocolate Factory is a MUST do for anyone looking for Easter goodies, shopping local doesn’t mean sacrificing selection or value, and most importantly take time to smell the roses, or in my case the chocolate. smile  Trust me, you will be glad that you did.

Laura Perry Felberg


Laura Perry Felberg is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Visit Canton. She enjoys having wine & game nights with family and friends, and loves traveling near and far with her husband! Laura is an animal lover and spends most of her free time outdoors with their three rescue dogs, and volunteering for a local dog rescue!

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