Deadline to Apply: February 24, 2020

STAR Passport Destinations

By becoming a STAR Passport destination, you are directly contributing to the education of our Stark County front-line staff who have been selected to participate in the STAR (Stark Tourism Ambassador Recognition) Front-line Training Program. Our goal is to have each student personally experience the many fine attractions, museums, and entertainment venues that make-up our tourism identity. By filling out this form, you are committing to allow one complimentary admission for the STAR Student to your venue between March 5 - June 14. 

Each student will be presented the STAR Passport at their first session with the homework assignment of visiting a minimum of five tourism venues in the time specified above. The student with the passport would be the only complimentary admission you need to provide. Therefore, if they attend your venue with family or friends, your venue would charge their guests appropriately.

This is a FREE opportunity! The CVB will create all passports and disperse to the students. We will also provide you with stamp for your admission staff to stamp passports showing that they have visited your venue. We ask that you simply educate your admission staff to be knowledgeable of what this passport is, and to stamp the passport.

Deadline to be on the passport: February 24, 2020

Additional Notes:

1. Students will only be required to visit five attractions, so you may not see every single STAR student as we anticipate having more than five venues participate as a Passport destination.

2. Free attractions can participate in this program by offering something to entice the student to visit, such as a souvenir, information packet, etc.

3. We encourage participating attractions to offer the student any other information they see fit upon their visit such as an information packet.

4. The maximum number of students who will be participating in the class is 40, therefore you will only need to offer complimentary admission to at most 40 individuals.

Please feel free to call or email Laura Felberg if you have any questions at 330-454-1439 or