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Catch the Buzz at Buzzbin

I've never heard of any of these bands playing at Buzzbin this Friday as part of downtown Canton's First Friday celebration. Underground Airplane. Coffin Riders. Shisho. Kill the Hippies. But it doesn’t mean I won’t be stopping in to downtown Canton’s coolest live music venue to check ‘em out. So even though I’ve never heard of these bands I know they’re going to be good, loud and fun. Buzzbin Mike and his dedicated crew of Buzzmakers pick great bands and always host a rocking (and FREE) concert. They oughta know what they’re doing since it seems there’s more nights with live music than without at this magazine headquarters/vinyl store/t-shirt shop, art gallery/souvenir joint. Not sure where Buzzbin is exactly? It’s the only yellow building in downtown Canton. Right on the corner of 4th and Cleveland NW. It’s the happening corner of downtown Canton’s Arts District. And it’s just two doors down from the best burgers in downtown Canton at the Amvets. Just ring the buzzer to get in and tell Tiffany to have Joe make you their roasted red pepper burger with fries or onion rings. If you time it right, you can make it back up to Buzzbin between bands and never miss a beat. If you see me there, I’ll be the guy in the tuxedo because Friday night is also the Aultman Angel Auction at the Civic Center. That’ll be an OK time, but all I’ll be thinking about is getting out of there and getting downtown to see what “Kill The Hippies” is all about. And that roasted red pepper burger.

Doug Bennett


Doug Bennett is the owner of Jab Advertising, the area’s top ad agency dedicated to small business. Doug is a native Stark Countian and other than a few years away for school and work, he’s lived here all his life. So he knows the nooks. The crannies. And the off-the-beaten path places that make life better for locals and visitors. Doug loves dining out with his wife Jessica, listening to live music, hates mowing his lawn, and is always on the lookout for new experiences that make Stark County cool.

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